A new energetic young company


Quality "Building Management Systems" (BMS)

Retail Energy Solutions Ltd. is a new energetic young company that designs, manufactures and delivers quality Building Management Systems (BMS) automation control panels for the Retail Sector and beyond. We provide fully integrated building solutions encompassing Lighting, HVAC and Energy Monitoring.

BMS controls in buildings need to be as flexible as the client that occupies them. To this end Retail Energy Solutions provide tailormade BMS control systems that are in line with the clients working patterns.

Our control systems are responsive to changes in working times, outside air temperature as well as CO2 levels. Additionally, with remote access via dedicated phone lines or 4G routers we can override the system at any time to make any last-minute changes as required.

BMS systems also need to be simple to manage and operate. We have an easy to read front end graphics with purpose designed floor plans that the client can interrogate the state of their retail area floor temperatures, back of house temperatures and status lighting levels, as well as environmental conditions – outside air temperature and CO2 levels etc. This can be further enhanced to the clients needs.

Our software makes it easy to monitor a single store through to large retail chains remotely and quickly.