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Frequent Questions

Need to know more about Retail Energy Solutions and how we do business? These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will help shed more light on the company. If you have a question that is not addressed here email us with your question.

Q: How can I achieve savings in my store?

Energy saving through intelligent HVAC control. Not simply on/off control along with a 'general alarm status' reporting – but using a more 'intelligent control logic incorporating :-

  • the interfacing of different types of air conditioning plant
  • full alarm code diagnostics
  • e-mail alerts and
  • live monitoring with reportable overrides when interfered action by others - lighting run on timer, forced heat /cool switch, maintenance switch, etc.

Q: How do you know when my systems are in fault?

Alarm Code Supervisor - real time error code reporting backed up by a manned helpdesk to manage e-mail notifications and action accordingly. Ultimately providing valuable quick realtime assistance to mechanical contractors helping to reduce the number of call outs and the associated costs involved with that.

Q: Can you ensure the temperature is comfortable for customers and staff?

We shall remote monitor the live status of all the air conditioning plant and if deemed necessary carry out any adjustment to set points, modes or fan speeds, Interfaces will be installed on the air conditioning equipment as well as wired controls to door heaters ventilation plant etc.

Q: Will you be able to show me my savings?

Our graphics package will show the readings of any sub-metering of HVAC equipment, lighting equipment usage and power usage.

Q: How will you control the lights?

Control of lighting (or any other electrical system) is important in saving energy. Having lights on staged control will help with energy consumption. Continued monitoring using the meters as indicated above will help keep this under control. This can be achieved by either:-

  • Dedicated time switch setting for trading hours with inputs from lux level sensors for lighting,
  • automatic adjustment for daylight saving, with
  • reportable overrides when activated by others (lighting run on timer, forced heat /cool switch, maintenance switch, etc.).