Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems account for nearly 50% of all the energy usage. We understand that it is imperative that these systems are controlled correctly.

We have access to technical support from various air conditioning manufacturers and control interface suppliers and can aid fault diagnosis to maintenance engineers.

Customers and Staff comfort is paramount for good retail experience, and we are continually monitoring the performance of the air conditioning systems. Having faulty systems will affect the overall temperature control. We can advise HVAC maintenance companies through remote monitoring alarm reporting in house reporting of any fault codes that we retrieve from all the sites and advise maintenance companies / facilities managers before it becomes an issue.

Retail area systems are controlled by our control strategy, keeping a comfortable environment whilst maintaining energy usage costs low. Back of House air conditioning can be either local control or controlled by us depending on the client’s preference but we have ultimate control for monitoring and on/off.

Our control systems are responsive to changes in working times, outside air temperature as well as CO2 levels. Additionally, with remote access via dedicated phone lines or 4G routers we can override the system at any time to make any last-minute changes as required.