Door Heaters

An Over-Door Heater or Air Curtain gives welcoming warmth to customers. They project air down vertically conserving interior heat by creating a warm air barrier. Typical retail areas have overdoor heaters rated at around 18kW. This is a huge energy consuming monster and needs to be controlled.

We control these through our own BMS strategy that takes into account both the outside air temperature as well as the air within the store. This will then decide how best to manage the heat output both for the comfort of the customer and the staff and at the same time being economical.

The easiest way to save energy is to simply lower the output of your device – however this would reduce energy levels when the heaters are not required but would affect comfort levels.

Various options are available to the client

Temperature sensors – these would work proportionately to the temperatures being recorded. Door contacts installed, the air curtains only operate when the door is open. And time schedules.

Reducing the temperature by one degree gives an energy saving of approximately 5 %.